Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opening Up The Nuk N Futz

Here are just a few pictures I took of our first weekend at the houseboat for the year. Everything looked good after a long, hard winter. The fridge didn't want to kick on right away when I plugged it in but eventually it did. Think it has a mind of its own or something. Don't mind the clutter in these pictures-it is usually spotless! Just kidding. We all know better than that with kids! The lamp on the table has to go also. Bruce told me it looks like something an old person would do-just stick a lamp anywhere random! So look out everyone next weekend-I will try and pass it on to one of you. Joey maybe you need it back for somewhere????? I'm very glad that spring is finally here and we can enjoy some R&R at the beach. Yeah for the Mississippi River fun!

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