Monday, March 16, 2009

Tyler and Cell Phones

So here is a note that we made Tyler write and sign a while back because let's face it. The kid is extremely hard on cell phones. He has been through I think 8, yes, 8 phones within the last year and a half or so. We made him sign this note that stated that he would use the Audiovox ugly phone if he broke his last one. Well I activated it for him the other night, and guess what? The next morning he called me at work and you couldn't see the screen. Imagine that! So Friday night we took him and got him a new phone. THE LAST ONE we are buying him FOREVER!!!!! I also got a new one because the kids give me so much grief for mine being an antique. I only had that one over two years. And it worked fine! I am NOT hard on phones! So the one I got the guy called a "grandma" phone because of the big keypad and big print. I think it is great, and now old man Bruce said he would love having that big of buttons for his big fingers. Whose jealous now???????
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