Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Temperatures

So not much going on lately to be blog worthy so haven't posted much or taken any pictures. Here is an update of our lives. Just patiently (yeah right!) waiting for spring to get here. Came across this picture of our burning bush out front and am longing to see these beautiful colors once again. It is 50 degrees right now and supposed to get near 60 this afternoon. Yeah!

Bruce's Caddy took a crap. Yep, put a different motor in not very long ago and now it is shot. Good thing we hadn't taken Mom & Dad O's van back yet. Going to have to break down and get another vehicle I guess. Always something. And I didn't win the powerball last night either so guessing we won't be getting a "new" anything!

Taylor's surgery is Monday. Hopefully it goes great for her and she recovers quickly. Crutches for prom would not be fun! Her and Kyle are going to Sharon's to finish up their sports/senior pictures Saturday. Not supposed to be a very nice day though. Oh well.

So I guess that is an update of what's going on (mostly to keep Grandpa & Grandma updated). Hopefully with spring weather upon us I will have some blog worthy pictures of like birds, flowers, birds, etc. to post. Bet you just can't wait my loyal blog checkers! Stay tuned.
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The Hanselmann Family said...

I saw two blue jays today!! I couldn't find my camera!