Monday, September 17, 2012

WV Homecoming Night 2012

Here are a few pictures from Homecoming night 2012 at the WV high school and at home.  Ty was a king candidate which he didn't tell me for almost a week because it is no big deal.  Well he is right but I think it is an honor when your peers pick you for something like that.  Sherman won king and Dani was queen and that is who Ty wanted and said would get it.  This whole senior class are great people. I cannot believe Ty is a senior.  What will we do with ourselves next year?  Get another hobby I guess, or catch up on those that I am way behind on.  Like the brand new sewing machine Bruce got me for Christmas that I have not touched.  Or the scrapbooking that I am 2+ years behind on.  Yes I realize he graduates this year.  Missy thank God is going to help me with some pages before graduation.  I think once the boating season is over I can get caught up on some  of those things.  Wapsie had a great game again and won their homecoming.  Ty had 3 touchdowns this week but one was called back.  I guess you can't have 5 and throw another every game.  Great job football team and may the rest of our season be successful.  Love watching the sportsmanship that our boys have on the field.  Other parents and coaches do notice and you should be commended for it.  You are a great group of kids!

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