Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Sweet Ava Tater

Got to spend a lot of time with this sweet little girl today at our house.  And yes that is a tomato she is chomping on that she picked from the garden.  And yes it did make a mess on the carpet but cleaned up just fine.  Don't you love Ava smelling the mum flowers?  Too sweet.  Loved her trike even though she is  a little too small yet for it.  And loved Grandpa Bruce letting her "ride" on the tractor and starting it.  She really likes uncle Ty's rocking chair that Grandma Shirley painted for him when he was little.  It had to come down from the attic for Ava.  I think she just might be the next Picasso.  Just look at the artwork she did today with her Momma.  We love this girl to the moon and back.  So enjoyed the day with you Ava and your Momma too!   
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Sharon Madsen said...

She's a sweet little girl! I love her too....