Monday, July 16, 2012

Bruce's HUGE Fish!!!!

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Bruce caught this bad boy last weekend and it was so cute I just had to get a picture before he released it back into the river.  Isn't it a cute little fishy?  I did give him a ton of grief for catching one so tiny but his response was that it takes a lot of talent to hook such a little fish.  I guess maybe he is right but I think he just got lucky.  Or unlucky as it seems to be.  Thank goodness they caught many fish on Saturday that got cleaned and our freezers are now stocked again at the river for a while.  Grow up little fish and bite my hook in a year or so.  I never catch anything this year so I think I'm due for a good day of fishing.  Sometimes I wonder why I even purchase a fishing license.  I guess to be legal and stuff.  What a waste of money since I never get to pull any in! 

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