Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday DIL Ashley!

You are a beautiful and wonderful person that met and fell in love with our son.  We tried to tell you not to do it but I think you guys are pretty happy.  And little Ava is the best thing that has happened in Gma & Gpa Odneal's life for a while.  You are a great Mom and I truly hope that you have a great birthday.  Your cheesecake will be there around supper time.  I'm making Ty's and yours at the same time, but if I end up going to his game you may end up with yours late to enjoy Wednesday.  It will be good no matter what and yours to do with what you want.  And I hope you decide to join us this coming weekend at the river.  Tater would LOVE the sandbar for sure.  Enjoy your day doing what you want after work.  And maybe Cole will even make you supper.  That would be awesome in my book!  Have fun and we love you!
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Ashley O. said...

Thanks Kay!I sure feel old...the grays are rolling in. Although I think these are mainly from your son :) haha Thanks for everything you do for all of us