Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Neglect

Posted by Picasa Yes I am alive and kicking just not finding the time to spend on doing any posts.  Last night I took a long time coming up with a nice Wednesday post and when I thought it was uploading I did something and none of my text showed up on the saved post.  Just this picture collage.  Oh well.  We have been busy with baseball, river on the weekends, and getting my garden and flower pots finally planted (picture above does prove that!).  I have many pictures from the happenings of late to post about, but just can't find the passion or time to sit down on the computer to do it when it is so nice outside in the evenings.  It sounds like some hot and humid Iowa weather is on its way before the weekend which is awesome to me.  I'm one of those that can be chilled when it is 90 degrees out so bring on the heat.  I don't like the humidity however because Bruce makes me close up the house and turn on the AC and I am just a fresh air kind of gal.  Here's hoping everyone had a great hump day and hopefully I will put together some interesting posts of what we've been up to soon.  Have a great rest of the week!

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