Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad O.

Today is 58 years of blissful (well for the most part right?) marriage for Jr and Joey. How amazing! At least my calendar had better be right or Helen is in trouble since she made it for me! Anways I haven't had much time at all to blog or upload photos lately (you think?) but thought I'd better get a post done for today. Especially since I beat SIL Sharon to it! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad O.! Hope you have a nice day and a great weekend with good weather celebrating at the houseboat. We will have to toast to you when we all get to the river. Love you both!

P.S.-Does this mean we need to plan a big party again in two years like we did for your 50th? I think we'd better get on that!!! I love a good reason to throw a party.
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