Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drake Relays 2011

Finally here are some pictures that I snapped at Drake Relays last Friday with my crappy little camera. They are not the best but I did mangage to get Ty & Adam's good handoff and some of them down on the field waiting to start. We had a good time watching them and they did a good job. Not our fastest time for sure, but good handoffs and no dropped baton. Looking forward to State Track in a couple weeks if Ty runs what he has been running all year. Sometimes coaches switch people around in relays for the unknown reasons, and it looks like Ty might not be running a couple of the relays he has done very well in for most of the season. Hoping for the best for him since he has worked so hard. Track is one of his favorite sports although I am that "fair weather track Mom" and he knows it. Football of course is his first love. But I'd like to have a summer of boating first before we start thinking of football weather again! Warmer temperatures are finally hitting us in Iowa. Bring on summer already!
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