Monday, February 22, 2010

Wapsie Valley Student Cheer Section

Tyler is (in my opinion of course!) one of the biggest "wapsie valley student section fans" that there could be. Every time there is a game to be played that means something he is on top of it and cheers until he is hoarse most times!!! I love that he is so into supporting our Wapsie Valley Warriors teams. Any of our friends and/or family that check out this blog post will spot him immediately I think. Blue Man he is on the left 2nd down, White/Black he is front white 2nd from right. What a great thing for our kids to be involved in!!!! Not sure what is up for tomorrow night, but GOOD LUCK WAPSIE VALLEY BOYS BASKETBALL! And I know Ty is already thinking of when they will find the time to paint themselves up before the game to show their support! No matter what they decide I'm sure they will look awesome. Go Wapsie!!

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Sharon Madsen said...

I wish he was ON the bball team!! The only sport I understand.