Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tyler's Track Meet

Went to Ty's track meet last Thursday at Fredericksburg. Our 8th grade boys kicked butt. I don't think they lost a relay. And the 7th grade boys did very good, too. Tyler is pretty new to hurdles but got 2nd in his heat so he did just fine. The only thing that totally sucked about the meet was the fact that our coach (freshman in college) did not know that in Jr. High the kids can only be in 3 running events. Well, most of our boys were in 4 running events and had been doing it all year without knowing they were doing anything wrong. So to make a long story short, our boys should have won the meet and the trophy but got disqualified because they didn't know any better and someone turned them in. I felt so bad for Cody (coach) and the boys. But they know they totally kicked butt and would have even if they hadn't been in 4 running events. We'll just have to get em' the next time. Great job Wapsie Valley Jr. High Boys!!!

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