Friday, February 13, 2009

Wapsie Students 2/12/2009

For the girls district basketball game last night against West Central, the students decided to dress pink for breast cancer awareness month. Well, of course Kyle wanted to decorate his shirt with Taylor's name and number and requested my assistance. We couldn't find any iron on letters big enough, or any numbers so we decided to use fabric paint. Kyle cut out the stencils and I painted them. It turned out pretty good. We had a little trouble with the paint bleeding through some spots we didn't want it to, but the shirt looked awesome I think. And our girls kicked butt and won by 33 points I think Kyle said. We didn't go because Kyle warned us it would be a blow out. Good job Wapsie ladies! Keep on winning your way to state! And Kyle, did I mention that I suck at painting and that is why Dad always does it???? Too late.

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Sharon Madsen said...

Very cool! Real men do wear pink!